Kids-e-Dental BioFlx Crowns represent the next generation of pediatric esthetic crowns, uniquely combining the flexibility, durability, and self-adaptability of both stainless steel and zirconia crowns. Invented by a Pediatric dentist from India, these crowns offer a smart solution for pediatric tooth-colored restorations, making them ideal for full coverage of the lower right first molars. Indicated for extensive tooth decay, fractured or broken teeth, hypoplastic teeth, and developmental anomalies like amelogenesis imperfecta or dentinogenesis imperfecta, BioFlx crowns are also perfect for primary tooth restoration when conservative treatments are insufficient. The crowns feature self-adaptive technology, allowing them to adjust to areas of slightly high occlusion, and their radiopacity of approximately 1mm enables clear evaluation of crown margins and pulp capping materials. Laser markings on the inner occlusal surface facilitate easy identification and enhance aesthetics. The crowns are strong yet flexible, ensuring easy placement and a snug fit, while the sandblasted intaglio surface enhances retention with self-setting RMGI and GI cement. They can be seated using a bite stick and trimmed with crown and bridge scissors if necessary.

Note: BioFlx crowns are not recommended for the Hall Technique, bruxism, or manipulation by crimping.


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