Kids-e-Dental Bioflx Posterior Crown Kits

Bioflx Crowns are the world’s first flexible, durable, self-adaptable, and esthetic pre-formed pediatric crowns which offer properties of both stainless steel crowns and zirconia crowns.  Designed and invented by a Pediatric dentist from India, offers a smart solution to do pediatric tooth-colored crowns. They are ideal full coverage restoration and the dream crown of every pediatric dentist. They are the next generation of pediatric esthetic crowns.


  • Extensive tooth decay: When a posterior tooth has extensive decay that cannot be effectively treated with dental fillings, a Bioflx posterior crown can be used to restore and protect the tooth.
  • Fractured or broken teeth: If a posterior tooth is fractured or broken due to trauma or other causes, a Bioflx crown can provide the necessary strength and protection to restore its functionality.
  • Hypoplastic teeth: In cases where posterior teeth have developmental defects or hypoplasia, the Bioflx crowns can help to correct the appearance and restore proper function.
  • Teeth with developmental anomalies: Teeth with developmental anomalies, such as amelogenesis imperfecta or dentinogenesis imperfecta, can benefit from Bioflx crowns to improve aesthetics and functionality.
  • Primary tooth restoration: Bioflx crowns are suitable for restoring decayed or damaged primary (baby) teeth when conservative treatment options are not feasible or long-lasting.
  • Pediatric patients with high caries risk: Children with a high risk of dental caries may require posterior crowns to provide added protection and prevent further decay.


  • Self-adaptive technology allows the crown to modify in areas of slightly high occlusion.
  • The radiopacity of ~1mm permits evaluation of the crown margins and pulp capping materials.
  • Laser marking on the inner occlusal surface for easy identification and optimal esthetics.
  • Strong, yet flexible for easy placement and a snug/active fit.
  • Sandblasted intaglio surface for enhanced retention with self-setting RMGI and Gi cement.
  • Can be seated using a bite stick and trimmed if necessary with crown and bridge scissors.



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