Woodpecker O-Light 1-Second Curing Light Unit by Woodpecker is a trusted and widely accepted tool used by dentists worldwide. It offers high precision and intensity focused light for the efficient polymerization of resin materials containing new style photo-initiators like TPO. With a maximum light intensity exceeding 2300mw/cm², it can cure 2mm of resin in just 1 second, ensuring quick and effective solidification. The device maintains a constant current output, preventing light intensity from weakening as the battery is consumed. Its light hood, made of carefully selected materials, protects against blue-ray injury, prioritizing safety. The 5W high-power blue light LED guarantees consistent light intensity output. The Woodpecker O-Light features two modes: high mode with a light intensity range of 2300-2500 mw/cm², suitable for orthodontics, porcelain veneer, and post-core restoration; and standard mode with a range of 1000-1200 mw/cm², ideal for general curing. The unit offers strong penetration of light, enabling curing without distance limitations. Its front connector can rotate 360°, facilitating access to previously hard-to-reach areas, including posterior teeth. In summary, the Woodpecker O-Light is a reliable, flexible, and efficient curing light unit highly regarded by dental professionals worldwide.


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