SafeEndo Smart Etch 25ml is an advanced dental etching gel meticulously crafted to elevate the precision and efficacy of enamel and dentin preparation through the acid etching technique. Boasting a potent formulation with 37% orthophosphoric acid, this innovative gel ensures optimal surface conditioning for dental procedures. Packaged in a convenient 25 ml syringe, equipped with REF 001-01-025, and accompanied by dispensing tips, the SmartEtch system facilitates controlled and accurate application.

The standout feature of SafeEndo Smart Etch lies in its high color contrast, allowing dental professionals to exercise enhanced application control. Its efficient consistency enables pinpoint application, streamlining the process for practitioners and enhancing overall treatment accuracy. A distinctive advantage is its ease of removal, as the gel can be effortlessly washed away with a combination of water and air. This not only simplifies the cleanup process for dental professionals but also contributes to a more comfortable experience for patients.

Moreover, SafeEndo Smart Etch is designed to prevent tooth surface discoloration, ensuring the preservation of natural aesthetics. With a commitment to quality and innovation, this product stands as a reliable choice for dental practitioners seeking a user-friendly and effective solution for enamel and dentin etching in their clinical applications.


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