Multi-Taper system * SX,S1,S2 are flexible;F1, F2, F3 are extremely flexible, both have memory control. * Ensures that shaping file has good cutting efficiency and finishing file can save more dentin

Narrow canal: SX+S1+S2+F1 prepares the root canal to a diameter of 0.20mm, with a taper of .07 over the first apical millimeters. Medium canal: SX+S1+S2+F1+F2 prepares the root canal to a diameter of 0.25mm, with a taper of .08 over thefirst apical millimeters. Wide canal: SX+S1+S2+F1+F2+F3, or T4, or T5 prepare the root canal to a diameter of 0.30mm or bigger than 0.30 mm over the first apical millimeters.
Speed&Torque 350RPM/2.0N

Instruction Manual

1. Create a straight-line access to canal orifice. 2. Gently explore the canal by using #10 stainless steel hand files passively scouting, initial detection the working length and record it. 3. Use the path file #16/.02 with 350RPM, to scout the coronal 2/3, making sure the smooth and reproducible glide path is confirmed. 4. Design an access to the root canal openings with respect to the anatomy of the tooth, giving particular care to smoothing the internal axial walls and enlarging the root canal coronal 1/3 with LX(350RPM, 2N·cm). 5.Use RCS Gold LT Rotary file S1, S2,F1, F2, F3,F4, or F5 if needed using a brushing or picking motion (350 RPM, to reach the working length according to the root canal size.


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