The NSK Pana Air HandPiece FX SU B2, a cutting-edge dental instrument that combines advanced features with ergonomic design to provide exceptional performance and precision. Designed for dental professionals who prioritize efficiency and patient comfort, this handpiece offers a wide range of capabilities to enhance dental procedures. The rotation speed of the Pana Air HandPiece FX SU B2 ranges from 350,000 to 450,000 min-1, allowing dental practitioners to adjust the speed according to their specific treatment requirements. This versatility ensures optimal results and enables efficient completion of various dental procedures.
Equipped with a push-button chuck, the Pana Air HandPiece FX SU B2 allows for convenient and quick bur changes. The chucking length of 10.2mm provides a secure grip on the bur, minimizing the risk of slippage and ensuring stability during procedures. This enables precise and controlled movements, enhancing the accuracy of dental treatments.

The handpiece is compatible with ISO 1797-1 Ø1.59 – 1.60mm standard burs, which are widely used in dental applications. This compatibility allows dental professionals to use their preferred burs, ensuring familiarity and optimal performance in various procedures The Pana Air HandPiece FX SU B2 accommodates burs with a maximum length of 21mm and a maximum working part diameter of Ø2mm. This generous capacity enables dental practitioners to work with a wide range of burs, providing flexibility and versatility in treatment options.

To ensure consistent and reliable operation, the handpiece operates at a drive air pressure of 0.20 – 0.25MPa (2.0 – 2.5kgf/cm2). This range of air pressure guarantees optimal performance and reliable power delivery, facilitating efficient and comfortable dental procedures. The Pana Air HandPiece FX SU B2 features an air consumption rate of ≤55 NL/min (0.25MPa), minimizing the air supply needed while maintaining excellent performance. This efficient air consumption contributes to the overall smooth operation of the handpiece and enhances the patient’s comfort during treatment.

The Pana Air HandPiece FX SU B2 is designed for use in a temperature range of 0 – 40ºC (no condensation) and a humidity range of 30 – 75%. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -10 – 50 ºC and humidity levels of 10 – 85% during storage, with an atmospheric pressure of 500 – 1,060hPa. These specifications guarantee the handpiece’s durability and performance even in various environmental conditions.


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