Meta MD Cleanser 17% EDTA Solution is a specialized dental product designed for effective endodontic applications, particularly in the presence of calcification and narrow canals in posterior teeth. This cleanser excels in removing the smear layer and inorganic substances through chelation, utilizing EDTA to bind with calcium ions (Ca2+), thereby facilitating easier instrumentation by softening the dentine canal walls. This action results in exceptionally clean dentinal walls post-treatment, ensuring an optimal environment for subsequent dental procedures.

The solution comprises EDTA, water, and ammonia water, with a total volume of 100 ml. The product is meticulously packaged with additional components to enhance its usability, including a 1 cc syringe and disposable tips for precise application. The entire package is compact, measuring 50 x 115 x 55 mm, and has a total weight of 138 grams, making it convenient for storage and handling in a clinical setting.

The Meta MD Cleanser 17% EDTA Solution stands out due to its efficiency in chelating calcium ions, which simplifies the instrumentation process and significantly improves the cleanliness of dentinal surfaces. This makes it an indispensable tool for dental professionals aiming to achieve high-quality endodontic results, especially in challenging cases involving calcified or narrow canals.


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