Eighteeth Brilliance Surgical Loupes

Eighteeth Brilliance series Surgical Loupes combine Schott Glass and Achromatic Optical Path Design to assure high image quality. The Flip-Up function can bring unobstructed vision and eye contact with your patients with a single adjustment. The whole structure made of ultra-light alloy creates a cool metallic look, ensuring excellent structural strength and durability while minimizing the weight and the pressure on the nose when wearing.

  • Super light frame-  Ergonomic design with optional materials and colors
  • Intelligent damping torque effect- Easy to adjust and with excellent stability
  • Asynchronous PD adjustment- Laser printed scale lines, accurate and intuitive
  • Protective shield- Besides protective shields, prescription lenses can also be fitted by an optometrist
  • Schott Glass- Ensure high resolution, clear and sharp field of view
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum magnesium alloy- Our loupes are exceptionally high strength and light
  • Refined lens coatings- Multi-layer coating technology, Anti-fog, Anti-scratch, and Anti-glare, to ensure more visible light through the glass.

Two hinges type:-

  • Two Options
  • Three hinges type

Both can be quickly and accurately reset after being flipped up without extra adjustment. Get into the next use immediately, and greatly improve work efficiency.

Softouch Surgical Headlight

  • Super Light- Made of aviation-grade aluminum, only weighs 8g.
  • Top Class Light Source- True color, and maximum brightness up to 35000 Lux.
  • Touch Control Design and Stepless Dimming- Short touch to turn on/ off the light, long press to adjust steplessly the brightness.
  • Ultra-long Battery Life- Can keep illuminating for 11 hours with maximum brightness.
  • Safe to Use- High-level short-circuit and open-circuit protection. Clip to belt or pocket.

A wired headlight reduces the weight on the bridge of the nose, providing dentists a durable and comfortable experience.

  • ICRI 90- Reveal true color, and improve safety as a result of increased visibility
  • I Color Temperature 5000K- Close to the color temperature of sunlight, can reduce eye fatigue in long surgery
  • I Edge to Edge Clarity, and Flicker-Free Fascinating optical design and high-quality light source make the light spot more uniform and soft.
  • Magnification: These loupes provide high-quality magnification, allowing for a clear and detailed view of the treatment area. They are available in various magnification levels to suit individual preferences and specific procedures.
  • Flip-Up Design: The flip-up feature enables quick and easy adjustment between magnified vision and normal vision, providing flexibility and convenience during dental procedures.
  • Precision Optics: The loupes are constructed with precision optics, ensuring high-definition and distortion-free magnification. This enhances visual clarity and allows for precise dental work.
  • Adjustable Pupillary Distance: The loupes can be adjusted to accommodate different pupillary distances, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for each user.
  • Customizable Working Distance: The working distance of the loupes can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of the user, allowing for optimal comfort and focus during procedures.
  • Softouch Surgical Headlight: The included surgical headlight provides bright and focused illumination directly onto the treatment area. It offers hands-free operation and can be adjusted for precise positioning.
  • Lightweight and Balanced: The loupes and headlight are designed to be lightweight and balanced, reducing strain on the neck and providing long-lasting comfort during extended use.
  • Durable Construction: The loupes and headlight are made from durable materials, ensuring their longevity and resistance to wear and tear. They are designed to withstand the rigors of daily dental practice.
  • Ergonomic Design: The loupes and headlight are ergonomically designed to provide a secure and comfortable fit. They are optimized for ease of use and reduce fatigue during prolonged procedures.
  • LED Light Source: The headlight utilizes an LED light source, which offers excellent color rendering and provides natural-looking illumination. This enhances visibility and facilitates accurate shade matching and detail recognition


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