Description: Green Guava Bite Registration Triple Trays are precision-crafted dental devices designed to capture accurate bite registrations in a convenient and efficient manner. These triple trays are engineered to provide stability, ease of use, and optimal comfort for both dental professionals and patients during the bite registration process.

Key Features:

  1. Triple Tray Design for Simultaneous Impression: The triple tray design allows for the simultaneous impression of multiple teeth, including both upper and lower arches. This feature streamlines the bite registration process, ensuring accurate alignment and capturing the occlusal relationship effectively.
  2. Sturdy and Flexible Construction for Stability: Constructed from sturdy yet flexible materials, the triple trays offer stability during the bite registration procedure. The flexibility allows for a comfortable fit in the patient’s mouth, while the rigidity ensures reliable results without distortion.
  3. Perforations for Enhanced Material Retention: Green Guava Bite Registration Triple Trays are equipped with perforations that aid in the retention of bite registration material. This feature promotes a secure and uniform impression, reducing the likelihood of voids and ensuring the accuracy of the recorded bite.


  1. Efficient Bite Registration Process with Simultaneous Impression: The triple tray design facilitates an efficient bite registration process by allowing the simultaneous impression of both arches. This not only saves time but also ensures proper alignment and occlusal relationship capture.
  2. Stability and Comfort for Reliable Results: The combination of sturdy and flexible construction provides stability during the impression procedure, ensuring reliable results. The flexible material contributes to patient comfort, making the experience more pleasant.
  3. Perforations for Consistent Material Retention: The perforations in the trays contribute to consistent material retention, minimizing the risk of voids or inaccuracies in the bite registration. This feature enhances the overall quality and reliability of the recorded bite.


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